Abstract| Volume 37, 101561, January 2020

Animal Fat Plus Hydrogenated Fat in Association with Increased Odds of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder

      There are some evidences on the relation between dietary fat intake and multiple sclerosis but no investigation has been done on Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) patients in this topic. In the present study we assessed the association between animal fat plus hydrogenated fat intake and NMOSD odds.
      We conducted a case-control study among 70 NMOSD patients with definite diagnosis based on 2015 international consensus criteria and 164 controls, in Sina hospital, Tehran, Iran. Data on usual dietary intakes of all participants in one year before study enrollment was obtained based on a validated 168-item semi-quantitive food frequency questionnaire. Anthropometric and demographic information was collected. To calculating odds of NMOSD, dietary intake of animal fat plus hydrogenated fat classified into quartiles and logistic regression was run.
      Dietary consumption of animal fat plus hydrogenated fat in case group was significantly higher than control group (30.29g vs. 20.70g; Pvalue: 0.02). After adjustment for age and gender a non-significant direct association between higher intake of animal fat plus hydrogenated fat with NMOSD odds was founded in the second (OR: 1.09) and, the third (OR: 1.60) quartiles compared with the first quartile. This association was significant in the fourth quartile with OR: 2.48 and, CI: 1.05-5.81(p-trend: 0.00).
      The present study suggests higher intake of animal fat and hydrogenated fat as a potential factor for NMOSD odds.