Review article| Volume 21, P88-91, April 2018

The putative interplay between DJ-1/NRF2 and Dimethyl Fumarate: A potentially important pharmacological target

Published:February 26, 2018DOI:


      • Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF) is an immunomodulating treatment in multiple sclerosis.
      • DMF and its active metabolite, Monomethyl Fumarate (MMF) exert their activities at least in part through the KEAP1/NRF2 pathway.
      • The PARK7/DJ-1 protein that acts effector of the NRF2/KEAP1 pathway.
      • The introduction of DMF / MMF in an organism would inadvertedly influence the DJ-1/NRF2 axis.
      • IThe DMF/MMF - DJ-1/NRF2 interaction has not been explored in the setting of MS.
      • In this review, the relevant literature on this putative interaction is summarized in detail.


      Recent research has outlined that Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF) functions as a gene regulator via multiple pathways, critical among which is the NRF2 cytoprotective cascade. PARK7/DJ-1 is a multifunctional protein that acts as a redox sensor and effector of multiple cytoprotective pathways, including NRF2. Specifically, it prevents the association of NRF2 with its inhibitor KEAP1, allowing NRF2 to enter the nucleus and mediate cytoprotective and antioxidant cascades. It is our hypothesis that while the NRF2-KEAP1 inhibitory complex is reported the main pharmacological target for DMF's NRF dependent functions, no study to date has explored the effects of DMF on DJ-1's expression, and vice-versa, the possibility of a regulatory inadequacy in the upstream, oxidant-responsive DJ-1 activator of the NRF2 cascade.


      NRF2 (transcription factor nuclear factor (erythroid derived 2)-like2 (NRF2)), KEAP1 (Kelch-like erythroid cell-derived (ECH) associated protein-1), MMF (monomethyl fumarate), DMF (Dimethyl Fumarate), ARE (antioxidant response element), ROS (reactive oxygen species)


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