Corrigendum| Volume 3, ISSUE 5, P666, September 2014

Corrigendum to “The case for vitamin D supplementation in multiple sclerosis” [Mult. Scler. Relat. Disord. 2 (2013) 281–306]

      The authors regret that an error occurred in Table 6 of the above paper. The ARR for Kampman et al (2012) was displayed as 5.02 with a NNT of 19.91; however, it should have been an ARR of −5.02 with a NNTH (i.e. NNT with a negative outcome or harm) of 19.91.
      This does not change any of the other conclusions or analyses in the paper.
      The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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      • The case for vitamin D supplementation in multiple sclerosis
        Multiple Sclerosis and Related DisordersVol. 2Issue 4
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          Given that vitamin D has a role in immunomodulation, and its levels appear to correlate with the development of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it is conceivable that vitamin D may also influence disease activity in MS patients. In this regard, we conducted a systematic review investigating the evidence for: (1) the role of vitamin D in disease activity in MS, and (2) the therapeutic supplementation of vitamin D in MS.
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